The Power Of Prayer...Knocking on Heavens Door, or...If you don't care, you are dying.


We participate in the creation. The University of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research has actually found that  our intentions has a slight non-local effect on the outcome of things. This effect is stronger when we enjoy or love  the experience.  There is no physical explanation for the process.  As with all science the next step is to come to understand the natural principles behind this phenomena. Then the next step is to develop the technology to further "subdue the world" with God's resonating help.  Here is a quote from the Princeton page; "Beyond its scientific impact and its technological applications, clear evidence of an active role of consciousness in the establishment of reality holds sweeping implications for our view of ourselves, our relationship to others, and to the cosmos in which we exist. These, in turn, must inevitably impact our values, our priorities, our sense of responsibility, and our style of life. Integration of these changes across the society can lead to a substantially superior cultural ethic, wherein the long-estranged siblings of science and spirit, of analysis and aesthetics, of intellect and intuition, and of many other subjective and objective aspects of human experience will be productively reunited."  If you want to enter the kingdom of heaven just knock on the door. Just try. Apply your creative will to it. 


YES we participate in our salvation! We have been trying to transcend our condition all along.  God created and we are a part of a self ordering universe.  Looking over the span of time we see progress, from the single celled organism to the human mind. We see progress from the Stone Age to the computer age. Essentially this progress is an increase in the depth of information contained in living things. Scientifically, the point of this progress is to better adapt to the environment. Spiritually the point of this progress is to strive for and know God.  I have a theory that Godís ordering principle is; information attracts (loves) more information. This attraction is another force in nature. The more information there is in objects, the deeper and the more different it is (asymmetric)  the stronger the attraction. A connecting harmony emerges. This applies to subatomic particles and highly ordered human societies.  There is an actual potential in difference. Here are some examples:


  • Protons and neutrons order in the heart of atoms by communicating with nuclear force essentially telling each other what they are and where they are.  This communication binds them together.


  • Atoms reach out to communicate with other atoms using an electromagnetic force essentially telling each other what and where they are.  They order into materials and things.


  • Planets and stars reach out by the gravitational force.  They order into solar systems and galaxies. 


  • Human beings reach for information with the senses of touch, seeing, hearing, taste and smell.  Attractions lead to families and societies.  Fear leads to separation and wars.  At this level and above, the ordering principle might be called the life force.


  • And imagine another world of people, ancient and wise existing across the galaxy.  What would you ask them?  The information exchange would be fantastic! As you know, the possibility of this has lead the human race to sending satellites into deep space, and setting up listening stations, hoping for communications from such a race. It is as if information attracts (or loves) more information.  


  •  God expresses his love and man worships, providing the greatest asymmetry and so the greatest potential for creation.


Is our capacity for understanding limitless?

Using Technology as an Interface